Sunday 10th March

Sunday morning started with introduction of the contemporary scholars, using PowerPoint presentation. We each had three minutes to explain who we are, something about our family and home towns and our study topic. Remembering people’s presentations proved very hard as we listen to some 64 presentations. All I can say is, when sitting in a room full of people with achievements like they have, you wonder how you are in the same room.


Sunday afternoon was a group bonding session with an “AgMazing race”. This involved taking photos around the University of Guelph of things related to Canada and Agriculture.

Sunday night was something different. I had see curling on the tv before but had never experienced it. To me it was just someone sweeping the floor infront of a rock. However after having the rules explained I now think it is lawn bowls on ice with someone sweeping infront of it. It is a big thing in Canada and after playing it for a night I can see why they enjoy it. It did remind me of the movie “Crackerjack” with Ladies and Gentlemen playing the game and no doubt a swear jar. The best part of Curling is you don’t need a separate fridge for the drinks you just leave them on the side of the rink. Sorry if I have offended any Canadians. These are my views and not that of Nuffield 13.

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