Saturday 9th March

Saturday was a free morning so we organise to go into Toronto. Our local guide and fellow Canadian scholar, Blake Vince, had organised with the Global focus group to have a look at the local sites in town.  Because we were on a tight schedule they decided we should check out the CN Tower and get a look over Toronto. After hiring two black chrysler wagons, making us look like an official entourage, we heading into town. They say the trip getting there is half the fun, and this proved the case.  After not seeing each other for a couple of months and getting to know some of the international scholars, jokes were flying everywhere. Ed Green showed off some impressive driving to keep up with the local and managed to get us to the tower in one piece.

Some interesting facts about the tower:

The CN tower’s 102m broadcasting antenna strecthes high above the Sky Pod. It was constructed with the help of a Erikson Skycrane, used in Australia to fight fires (Elvis). Today the antenna not only broadcasts TV abd radio signals across southern Ontario, it makes for the second tallest building on the planet.

With a quick visit, we all headed back to Geulph to catch a local ice hockey game. On arrival back at the hotel we were presented with ice hockey jersey’s which had the Canadian Maple leaf on the front and Nuffield 13 on the back. At least we looked the part, even if we did understand all the rules. The game was exciting and thoroughly enteraintaining and as we had it explained to us later, “we went to a fight and a ice hockey game broke out.” After the game we continued networking at a local tavern.

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