Friday 8th March


After flying in from Melbourne to Sydney with Peter Kaylock and Terry Hehir, we caught up with other Australian 2013 Scholars. Well the flight out of Sydney proved to be a event in itself, with the plane getting halfway down the runway before aborting the takeoff due to a fire alarm. After the aircraft engineers checked the plane we were able to take off some two hours later. This was followed by a thirteen hour flight into LA where we arrived only to have the sky ramp not work, meaning another hour on the plane. We then transferred to another gate over the other side of the airport and flew onto Toronto. Another hour on a bus after arriving in Canada we got to check into the Delta Hotel in Guelph. With somewhat tired and exhausted Australians ready for a good night sleep, we find out we are not booked into the hotel for the night. Being Nuffield scholars, we take control of the situation and start organising ourselves and check ourselves into any available rooms. Ahh bed.

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